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Players Online

General Rules Of Gameplay


  • No disrespect or offensive topics.
  • No offensive usernames or impersonation of others.
  • No advertising links or other servers.
  • No spamming chat, sending similar messages fast.


  • No griefing. This means do not destroy other players builds or placing unnecessary things in the wild.
  • No stealing. If the build is not yours, do not take anything. You may ask staff to investigate if the build is still in use.
  • No abusive redstone. Do not attempt to disturb the server with malicious redstone.
  • Make sure to claim your builds to protect them from other players.
  • Inappropriate builds must be kept hidden in your own claim.

Clients & Mods

  • No clients that contain a unfair advantage mod such as Xray.
  • No mods that may disrupt other players gameplay.
  • You are allowed to use Forge, Litematica, Optifine, Fabric, or any that keep mods to yourself.
  • Shaders & Fullbright are allowed.

Alt Accounts

  • You are allowed to have 1 extra account.
  • No spam joining with extra accounts.


  • AFK farms are allowed if they do not lag the server.
  • You are allowed to AFK for any amount of time.
  • No bypassing the entity limits. This is used to help the performance of the server.
  • Farms that are broken or bypass the mob limits may be removed.

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